Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals
Tupperware Joyful Meals

Tupperware Joyful Meals

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What is in the box


  • Crystal Wave Divided Dish (900ml) x 1 unit - 19.2cm (D) x 6.2cm (H)
  • Crystal Wave Soup Mug (460ml) x 1 unit - 12.3cm (D) x 7.8cm (H)
  • Portable Cutlery Set x 1 unit  - 16.1cm (L) x 6.5cm(W) x 2.8cm (H)
  • 1st ever multi-usage Double Decker Pouch x 1 unit 


Offering complete meal packing solution for outdoor trips, Tupperware Joyful Meal seat boasts a crystal wave divided dish, a soup mug and a set of portable cutlery. Being microwave safe with virtually liquid-tight steam-vent seal; these containers are perfect to carry along on a road-trip and jerky rides. Easy to handle & clean, Tupperware Joyful meals features a double decker pouch that adds to its portability.


Tupperware Crystal Divided Dish

  • Ingeniously designed that supports even and quick reheating.
  • Easy one touch snap on lid with liquid-tight seal and a vent
  • Large handles to grip and hold the dish
  • Almost dinner plate size dish with one large about 1 cup capacity and 2 small about 1/4th cup capacity chambers


Tupperware Crystal Wave Soup Mug

  • Featuring a lid with vent-opening, large handles on the mug and large seal-tab, this crystal wave soup mug is ideal for on the go heating and eating. Boasting stain guard protection, this crystal wave soup mug stays new & shining after many uses.
  • Perfect for heating soups, sauces and instant foods like noodles and oatmeal
  • The lid prevents splattering in the microwave.
  • Ideal for refrigeration too


Tupperware Portable Cutlery

The cutlery set features fork, spoon and chop sticks with universal handles base that is easy to assemble for all ages. Ergonomically designed, the cutlery comes in a compact hygienic box with clip-ins to keep them snug and snapped.



  • Vent must be opened when re-heating. To open the vent, place fingers in doughnut shaped opening and pull upwards. Do not close the vent cap soon after reheating.
  • Be careful of the fill-line indication. Over-filling your containers may pose serious damage to the vent seal.
  • Reheat for only 3 minutes. If more reheating is required then take it out and stir the food. Reheat for less than 3 minutes
  • Not safe for cooking.
  • Dishwasher safe