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Tupperware Eco Water Bottle Cleaning Brush

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  • Tupperware Eco Water Bottle Cleaning Brush x 1 unit


Keep your reusable water bottle sparkling clean with Tupperware Eco bottle cleaning brushes. The angled head, sturdy handle & a combination of soft & hard bristles make scrubbing your water bottles easier. Particularly manufactured for narrow-neck bottles; the brush is good enough to clean bottles of all shapes and sizes, tumblers & cleaning mugs equally effectively.


The ingenious design with a bent head lets it get into the curvy and narrow spots of the bottle. The handle allows firms grip during aggressive cleaning procedure. Featuring ideally sized & rightly positioned bristles, Tupperware cleaning brushes help scouring the residues while minimizing the scratches. As a result, your refillable water bottles remain shining even after months of usage. The brush fits all animal and Tupperware eco water bottles like a dream whereas the combination of soft & hard bristles are considered perfect for optimal cleaning of multiple surfaces.


Available in Azure/Cool Aqua, Tupperware eco water bottle cleaning brush is dishwasher safe. With a long 15” handle, scrubbing through your water bottles become a breeze.


Since sponge cannot make the cut alone, get Tupperware Eco water bottle cleaning brush to ensure thorough cleaning. Able to withstand tough cleaning action, the set of 2 brushes will last half of a lifetime.


  • Ideal for cleaning wide & narrow mouth reusable bottles, glass jars, kids mugs, thermoses & tumblers
  • Soft & Hard bristles ensure thorough cleaning of irregular bottles
  • Long sturdy handle enables aggressing scrubbing
  • Hook hole for hanging
  • Top rack dishwasher safe
  • Ideally positioned bristles for hard to reach areas


Whether you are a cleanliness freak or easy-going about your surroundings, this  Tupperware eco bottle cleaning brush will cut down time on your everyday cleaning. Washing your bottles without appropriate cleaning brush will accumulate mineral debris & water marks that damage the quality and dull the shine. Tupperware bottle brush will prevent leaving your bottles scratched hence, your bottles stay crystal clean & new for ages ahead!