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DON’T Buy Dollar Store Toxic Plastic Containers

Dollar stores need no introduction. It keeps us returning due to the deep discounts they offer. From everyday life to special occasions, dollar store throws fancy yet purposeful products attempting discounts nobody would ever resist. However, it is important to keep healthy over a few bucks you save when roaming about the isles of the dollar store. Dollar store plastic storage containers are found in every household regardless of how dangerous they are for the human reproductive system. Buy Tupperware online particularly for food storage as they are durable, resilient & free from harmful chemicals.

Buy Tupperware Online

Why Buy Tupperware Online when I can buy Cheap Dollar Store Boxes?

Dollar store food storage boxes are in abundance & undeniably cheap but you get what you pay for. They are made from poor quality plastic that breaks, chips, warps & gets stained in a matter of a few days. Regardless of being microwave & dishwasher safe, the seals deform and go out of shape in no time. Buying Tupperware online help you save money in the long run.


BPA Free:

Buy Tupperware online to protect your family from harmful chemicals BPA that may leach into your food when you reheat a plastic food storage container. Dollar store containers usually contain BPA or BPS which is as harmful as BPA, reports Environmental Health Perspective. Tupperware food storage boxes are free from chemicals that may cause hormonal imbalance leading to infertility and human reproductive disorders.


Limited Life Time Warranty:

Grabbing Tupperware online allow you to enjoy life time warranty against chipping, cracking, warping and melting. Although dollar store food storage boxes seem promising for the price, they are going to cost you 3 times more as compared to Tupperware food storage containers. Tupperware containers are multi-purpose where mentioned. Either freeze, refrigerate, or microwave your food; Tupperware plastic boxes will resist both high and low temperatures without showing any signs of withering.


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Tupperware is an ecofriendly brand. It is reusable and when used as per the company’s instructions with care, these containers are going to last you the lifetime. Buying Tupperware online means investing in a food storage line that stays with you the longest as compared to the substandard and toxic plastic storage containers bought from the dollar store. Since most of the plastic ends up in landfills everywhere, it is very important to think green and reduce plastic waste by opting for the products that are durable and resilient. With Tupperware products, you do not only reduce plastic waste from the planet but also minimize organic waste by appropriately storing your food fresh longer!

Buy Tupperware Online

If you want to improve the quality of your life without letting go of convenience and comfort in this fast-paced life then opt for lightweight and long-lasting Tupperware storage boxes. Dollar store is a great place to find a deal but will you really bargain it for your health?


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